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Our Team

Our team of recruiters are eager to assist all employee and clients in whatever manner they can.  Call or email for assistance for placements in New Plymouth, Auckland, Christchurch, Manawatu or surrounds.


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Wayne Parker

Managing Director

Through his work in various safety and quality assurance roles throughout New Zealand and Australia, Wayne has gained invaluable contacts across several industries - greatly enhancing his recruitment capabilities.

Wayne works tirelessly and loves nothing more than placing conscientious Employees into roles they enjoy, where they can utilise their skills and fulfil their potential!

Certified:  Site Safe / ADT Drug Tester 
Contact: 027 404 7580 Email:  [email protected]

Maria Setu

Regional Manager 

Certified:  Red Cross First Aider / Site Safe / ADT Drug Tester / Health and Safety Rep 
Contact: 027 558 8011 Email: [email protected]

Terry Edwards

Petrochemical Manager

Certified:  Site Safe / ADT Drug Tester 
Contact: 027 558 8229 Email: [email protected]

Emily Howatson

Recruitment Consultant - Taranaki

Certified:  ADT Drug Tester 
Contact: 027 555 3507 Email: [email protected]

Josh Hamilton

Recruitment Consultant - Taranaki

Certified: Drug Tester/ First Aider 
Contact: 027 558 8037  Email:

Sagar Mohan

Recruitment Consultant - Manawatu

Certified: Drug tester
Contact: 027 558 8232 Email:

Monique Chapman

Recruitment Consultant - Christchurch

Certified: Drug tester
Contact:027 558 8029 Email:

Vicky Strauss

Payroll and Accounts

Contact: 06 929 3650
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]




To apply for any positions please click here.

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- Maria Setu